Hand Body Care Lotion


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** Hand Body Care lotion Created in 2013

Only through chemicals free products can the complex levels of the skin work efficiently.

  • Multi Tasking skin healer and protector,  super concentrated that works well on promoting natural skin healing and comfort where  needed
  • In fact, was formulated for my clients health care workers, who were experiencing superficial skin irritation, redness, dryness, sensitivities from latex glove usage and repeated hand washing with hospital grade soaps.
  • Hand Body Care Lotion won’t leave an oily feeling on hands
  • Keeps skin moisturized, protected , promotes healing of superficial skin problems and smell nice.
  • Do not use on face if sensitive.
  •  Excellent for body acne and active face acne – not for dry acne 
  • External usage only – re-apply after hand washing.
  • Do not add water to Hand Body Care Lotion
  • Strong  natural smell index
  • No chemical in lotion –
  • Not for toddlers
  • If allergic to plants, Kindly please avoid lotion

ingredients : 

  • Proprietary blend 0f 100% pure vegetables oils, natural vegetables waxes, essential oils, super concentrated, use sparingly
  • Vegan friendly – No Palm Oil – No G.E. oils
  • sustainable – ecological
  • Natural Preservatives – pH balanced – Waterless – long shelf life

Comes in 1 size = 2.oz easy to carry in pocket

Hand Body Care Lotion maybe used several times a day or just when needed.

** General results based on 2 years trials and testimonials, tested on people .

No problem reported – excellent repeat business 

J.a.n.c.LLC  Specialty Skin Care For You Since 1980


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