Cosmetics Transparency and Piracy

What is the meaning of Transparency ? I see You ? You see Me ? cute no?

We may find different interpretations to Transparency.

But where I’m from it’s a dirty word.

“Transparency”  in Natural cosmetics =

Natural cosmetics most of the time are borrowed formulations from  Chem labs or another sources,  with   generic  ingredients   found in the   internet’s plague-made cosmetics,  re-copied until something new shows up.                                

Fortunately you  can see  through the trow up transparency.

Piracy – piratage – stealing – robar – rubare 

don’t  care what language you speak, where I’m from it’s a dirty word.

The Piracy of true cosmetics is real.

Proprietary  blend is a mean of protection against Piracy.

The difference between Generic from Original is STUDY.

At the end, you the consummators are the victims, and the cosmetic industry suffers also. 



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