ISO The Perfect Microbiome Cosmetic

In the beginning they were colonies of microbes, long before us human, the youngest specie on Earth.

Breathing is a bacterial function. We share common ground between organisms. Tree cannot develop without mushrooms , human cannot survive without their microbes colonies.

The cells communicate with each other ; they need assistance from external environment as we are challenged by more stress and increased pollution. We are most advanced today in cosmetics formulations. Skin health and beauty are function of the bio diversity of the skin microbiome. The more diverse microbiomes become, the stronger the skin barrier and the overall skin health and beauty. Not rocket science here.

Continuously developing new generations of quality products to serve myself first in trial and error, sharing the results with my customers. More researches are needed in the new field of microbiome cosmetics.

Professionally, after 3 years of R.&D. I believe microbiome is a minimalist multitasking concept in skin care, which allow the skin full power to repair/maintain skin health and its integral beauty. It is most cost effective and time saving, perfect for people skin care lazy like me.

Jasmine Aubert…. your Skin Care Beauty consultant and Coach

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