The Multitude Needs of Aging Skin


One aspect of skin care crying out for a response to divers needs is skin aging             

All skins show signs of aging over time, it is emotional.

We all aspire to graceful aging.

There is considerable confusion about when to start using anti-aging products, and what’s appropriate across demographic aging. My answer is never too soon, for young girl at puberty to be aware of skin care versus make-up.

Skin aging is not an overnight process.  Aging starts at the moment the body stops to grow. By age 40 we carry already 20 years of aging. The skin does not forget anything good or bad and damages are retro-active they show up 20 years later.

Yes it takes up to 20 years for the skin to break down, the skin is strong, has memory and it will repair itself if the right conditions are present not an over night result, but to slow the aging is better than accelerating it.

1 – environmental damages great accelerator of premature aging . include ALL  NATURAL and ARTIFICIALS LIGHTS EMISSIONS  indoor/outdoor, confirmed by scientific researches from the giants of the cosmetics industry.

2 – Enlarged pores, age spots, wrinkles, uneven skin tones, sagging are biological aging and/or damages from lights rays natural or artificial Most old looking skin are damaged skin They are other factors related to health, drugs, habits, nutrition, not my fields

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