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Licensed L.E.C. since 1980, self-made Bio-tech cosmetologist, created J.a.n.c LLC 15 years ago, establishing my rank among the pioneers in the Waterless, Ecological, Microbiome [probiotic] Sustainable, Authentic, personal care, natural cosmetics movement

I became a Water and Earth Activist still strong.

Professionally, I used Enzymes and acids treatment over 30 years on my customers [lab-rats]

In 2016, developed Microbiome [outer skin] actives enzymes products, creating the right environment for skin care.

Cleopatra liked to bath in donkey female milk, refrigeration in Egypt few thousand years ago did not work too good I presume the milk must have been pretty sour. What a friendly thing to do to the skin, a lactobacillus bath. Pure skin luxury

We know the French trow nothing away, left over wines were left to further sour and used as a skin tonic – no waste with a fringe benefit, refined glowing skin.

Let 2019 be a year of reconnection with Nature, Protection of Water, Plants, Animals, Human and Earth.

¬† Jasmine Aubert….. Your Skin Care Beauty Consultant and Coach

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